Pay Per Wash - Hosting

Get a solution where we will host the payment system of your laundry. This ensures a user-friendly and thoroughly tested payment system for the users of your laundry. The remaining work regarding your laundry will be up to you.

If you let Pay Per Wash host  the payment system of your laundry we will be in charge of the laundry administration software either on one of our cloud servers or on WinXP equipment for older systems. We are also responsible for backup and ongoing updates of the software.

At the end of each month (or another interval of your choosing) we will send a file with laundry charging data for the administrator of the laundry in question in whichever file type they want. The administrator of the laundry will also gain access to the administration of laundry cards and chips online, which makes it easier for both the administrator and the users of the laundry.

What does it cost?

Pay Per Wash - Hosting is offered at a fixed price per month per laundry department. The price is not dependent on the amount of laundries and laundry users. 

More options

Do you want fewer administrative tasks concerning your laundry? At Pay Per Wash we can ease the load off of both you as the owner of a laundry as well as the users of the laundry.

Card/chip administration

Let Pay Per Wash be in charge of the administration of laundry cards/chips. You can order new cards and make changes on our website using a personal login. We will send the activated laundry card in the mail to the wanted address. Empty laundry cards can be stored in your administration for direct delivery to the customers. This solution is offered at a fixed price per month per department - regardless of the number of laundries and tenants.

Pay Per Wash – web booking

If you use an Electrolux payment system, through web booking you can give the users of the laundry access to booking of laundry appointments via our online portal. They will also have access to help and support in using the portal - in case of e.g. a forgotten login. 

Pay Per Wash – Statistics

Do you want to increase your knowledge of the usage and earnings of your laundry? Have the machine statistics sent to you of the same interval as the account (e.g. per month). We measure the amount of starts and income per machine along with the collective income of the entire laundry. This solution is offered at a fixed price per month per department, regardless of the number of laundries and tenants.

How can we help you?

If you want to hear more about our solutions or if you have questions, you are always welcome to contact us. You can also fill out the form and we will give you a call.

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