Pay Per Wash 2

Get a solution where we provide the payment and booking system for your laundry and are in charge of service and updates of your system for 10 years. You will choose whether you want to leave the administration to us or be in charge of charging the users of your laundry yourself.

With this solution Pay Per Wash will be in charge of purchasing, maintaining and updating the payment and booking system of your laundry for a period of 10 years. You will either use the facilities of your own existing laundry or purchase and install new washing machines yourself.

Payment in advance or upon receipt of services?

You choose whether you want a 100% Pay Per Wash administration with payment in advance from the users of the laundry or to receive a file containing laundry data once a month and collect the payment yourself.

How much does it cost?

Pay Per Wash - 2 is offered at a fixed price per month regardless of the number of washing machines and residents who use the laundry.

You will receive:

  • checkPurchase and setup of the payment and booking system in your laundry including service and updates of the system for a period of 10 years
  • checkPay Per Wash will take care of your laundry - from support and guidance of its users to payment in advance via web portal (should you want this option)
  • checkYou decide the price per wash and are free to keep any potential profit

You will not receive:

  • closeYou will use the existing machines in your laundry or purchase and install new ones yourself
  • closeYou will be in charge of operating and maintaining the washing machines in your laundry
  • closeYou will pay for the usage of electrics and water in your laundry

How can we help you?

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